5 Easter Recipes We Think You’ll Love To Share At Work

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Easter Recipes To Share

Any time of year is a great time to bring snacks to the office. Sliding a box of donuts across the conference table is always a crowd-pleaser, but if you are willing to branch out just a bit- we think the following 5 Easter recipes will be appreciated by your coworkers on a whole other level.

1. Coconut Easter Nests

These coconut macaroon Easter nests are made from simple and natural ingredients like coconut, eggs and vanilla. Add some cute chocolate eggs for the center and place them on the reception desk for people to coo over as they start their day.

PS: It says kid-friendly. Take this time to explain the awesomeness of Easter and The Resurrection while they help you assemble these.


2. Asparagus, Pancetta & Cheese Puff

Pull up your chair for these puffs! How beautiful are these asparagus, pancetta and puff pastry snacks?! Did you know there is cheese inside that’s beautiful food envelope as well? These are quite simple to put together and quite impressive to share. Feel free to substitute the pancetta with prosciutto or choose to omit the meat for the vegetarians in your office.


3. Easy Real Apple Bites

Nice! These apple bites even have the word easy in their name – oh, actually that was me. But they are pretty easy. If you have a big enough office lounge area you could even make these with coworkers and use a small toaster oven. Can you imagine the smell of apple cinnamon and puff wafting in the office?? Either way – we love the use of real apples instead of all can filling. Keep it real. About Jesus and apples.


4. Ham & Cheese Scones

If you decide to mix it up from the standard Tex-Mex breakfast taco- try your hand at these savory scones.

Warning: if you make these (and make them well) you will definitely be asked to bring them to the next office party. And the next. And the next.


5. Strawberry Shortcake Cups

Okay, these you really can make in the break room and it is perfect for a little group assembly project. We love that these cups need such little preparation while looking so cute and special. These are also a delightful and light snack for people to comfortably eat at their desk.

Umm.. Are you going to eat your mint leaf?


Easter is Everything.

What a wonderful time of the year to share the love of Christ with coworkers without even saying His Powerful name. But if you work here- we can talk about Him all day!

What’s your Easter recipe? Office recipe?

We would love to hear your office recipes or Easter recipes in the comments below.

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