Buying a Used Herman Miller Office Chair: The 10 Best Things You Need to Know

used herman miller office chair buying guide 10 tips

Buying a Used Herman Miller Office Chair, which model is right for me?

Identifying the model of Used Herman Miller office chair that’s the right fit for you can be very difficult. The best way to start is by watching or reading comprehensive reviews on some of the pros and cons of the different models. A great place to start is YouTube, here is a comprehensive review on the Aeron, as well as some other popular Herman Miller Models.

After watching some reviews and establishing your favorites, a great place to start your shopping experience is using a quick google search for Used Herman Miller Office chairs near me and checking your local results. If you are fortunate enough to live nearby a used office furniture store, there is a good chance they may have a good inventory. When shopping at a store consider these 10 things when making your purchasing decision.

Research the model that best fits you from Herman Miller

Herman Miller produces a variety of chair models, each designed with specific ergonomic features. For example, the Aeron is famous for its breathable mesh and adjustable lumbar support, while the Embody offers a unique backrest designed to mimic the spine’s natural curve. Understanding the differences will help you choose the best chair for your needs. Visit the Herman Miller website or other reputable sources to read about each model. Watch reviews and comparisons on platforms like YouTube to see real-world feedback.

Check for Authenticity

Given the popularity of Herman Miller chairs, counterfeit versions are not uncommon. Authentic chairs have specific branding elements, such as the Herman Miller logo embossed or stitched into the chair, and a label with a serial number.

Inspect the chair for these authenticity markers. Use the serial number to contact Herman Miller or check their online resources to confirm the chair’s authenticity.

Used Herman Miller Embody Office Chair
used herman miller office chair sticker

Inspect the Condition

A thorough physical inspection can reveal issues that might not be immediately obvious. Look for damage like cracks in the plastic frame, worn-out mesh or fabric, and any signs of mechanical failure in the moving parts. Examine the seat and backrest for sagging or excessive wear. Check the base and casters for stability and smooth movement. Ensure that there are no strange noises when adjusting the chair. Inspect the arm pads for scratches. Inspect the adjustable arms to ensure they have a good lock when in the locked position. Most reputable resellers will perform some minor refurbishment, its always good to ask what repairs were done to the chair so you know what parts are new.

Test the Adjustability

One of the hallmarks of Herman Miller chairs is their extensive range of adjustments, which contribute to their ergonomic benefits. Ensure all these features are functional. Test the seat height adjustment, tilt mechanism, recline tension, and armrest adjustments. Sit in the chair and adjust it to see if everything works smoothly and feels comfortable.

Ask about the History for the Used Herman Miller Office Chair

Understanding the used herman miller office chair’s past usage can give you an idea of its wear and tear. Chairs used in high-traffic office environments may have more wear compared to those used in home offices. Ask the seller how long they’ve had the chair, how frequently it was used, and for what purpose. Also, ask if any parts were replaced or repaired and if so, by whom.

Consider the Warranty

New Herman Miller chairs come with a lengthy warranty (up to 12 years). However, Herman Miller warranties are not transferable to subsequent owners. With this in mind, consider resellers such as Smart Buy Office Furniture or BTOD who offer their own extended warranties on used Herman Miller chairs, completely free of charge.

Compare Prices

While used chairs can be significantly cheaper than new ones, the price should reflect the chair’s condition, age, and model. There are a few generations of the Aeron chair as its been in production since 1994. There are 3 notable generations of classics from 1994-2015, and a newly remodeled version called the Herman Miller Aeron Remastered which first started selling in 2016. Look up the current prices for new chairs of the same model. Use this as a benchmark to evaluate if the asking price for the used chair is fair considering its condition and age.

Buy from Reputable Sellers

The reliability of the seller can greatly impact your buying experience. Reputable sellers are more likely to offer accurate descriptions and fair return policies. Although you will likely find a better price from a local individual reselling the chair, they will likely provide no purchase guarantees. Check reviews and ratings of the seller. Prefer sellers who specialize in office furniture or have a history of positive feedback. Avoid sellers with vague descriptions or those unwilling to provide detailed information. Ask about their repair process and gather enough information to have a good understanding of how your purchase is protected through them.

Negotiate the Price

Negotiation is a common part of buying used items. Highlighting any imperfections or missing features can help you lower the price. Don’t feel bashful when it comes to seeking the right price for what you want to purchase. Be polite but firm in your negotiations. Point out any flaws you’ve found and compare them to the cost of a new chair. Have a maximum price in mind that you’re willing to pay, and don’t be afraid to walk away if it doesn’t feel right. Once you have a good understanding of the market price for what you want, keep that in mind while determining the value of the chair you are looking to purchase.

Check Return Policies

A good return policy can provide peace of mind, especially if the chair doesn’t meet your expectations after purchase. Most reputable resellers will have a 7-30 day return window, and returns are absolutely free with no questions asked. Before buying, ask the seller about their return policy. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions, including the return window and any potential restocking fees.

With all of this information in mind, you are now ready to purchase a new-to-me Used Herman Miller Office Chair! If you’d like to consider Smart Buy Office Furniture as an option, please contact us to get in touch with a seating consultant to help you make the most educated decision possible!

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