Buying Cubicles: What To Consider Before Your Purchase

Buying Cubicles

Buying cubicles can quickly feel like a chore.

There are  many things to consider as to how cubicle choice can impact employees and productivity.  Workstations can have a big impact on the vibe of your office space and with the culture of your coworkers. There are many options when buying cubicles and we hope this article will help you choose the right one for your office space.  In addition, we would love to help you design your cubicle set-up and office space. Get a no obligation quote here.

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The first question any office furniture store is going to ask you is, “How many cubicles are you looking for?” If you are looking for a smaller amount to start off with- definitely mention that you are looking for a set-up that can easily grow. There are many modular furniture options that well help you achieve your goals when buying cubicles.

Size & Shape

How big do you want your cubicles to be? Do you want a standard set-up or a tiled set-up?  Will be employees need to focus more on interaction or do they need to optimize for private accounts conversations?

Height & Sound Buffer

Cubicles come in a variety of heights and each serves its own purpose.  The tallest cubicles feel most like a private office with the most privacy and more sound buffer.

The medium height cubicles give coworkers an option to work in privacy seated, or stand up and peer over the top of the cubicles to collaborate with coworkers.

The lowest heights are good for interaction and easiest for managers to monitor.  Great for collaboration if the noise level is not a problem.

Watch owner, Tom Doane explain cubicle noise reduction below.

Material & Color

Most cubicle options will start with a metal frame while allowing the walls to be a variety of materials and colors. Consider adding a dry erase whiteboard for a wall or just go with the standard fabric. Solid wood, laminate and glass are also options. If you decide on buying cubicles with fabric you will see that you have a wide variety of options including bright colors and bold patterns.


Once you’ve decided on a cubicle style in design you will need to think about which accessories to include. We often recommend that our customers route their electrical outlets through the cubicles for more mobility and convenience. In addition, cabinets, shelves, chairs and lighting are also good to consider.

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Like any office desk – the price of buying cubicles has a large range.  When buying cubicles, the setups are usually bought in groups. You may ask about to minimum quantities or a price break for buying a certain amount.  Also, on occasion we have some in our used office products section.

We hope this gives you some better ideas of what you should be thinking about before buying cubicles for your office.  Please know that we offer free space planning and would love the chance to earn your business today and in the future.

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