Furniture That Locks: Need to Know Essentials

You protect your computers from data theft and protect the office with a security system, but what about your desk drawers and file cabinets? For many companies, proprietary information is the lifeblood of the business. Hiring employees you can trust is critical but business owners have to do everything they can to protect company information.

Locks are a component of office furniture that’s often an afterthought or overlooked. Unfortunately, in many cases, they aren’t a priority until it’s too late. If keys are accounted for up front you can save yourself time, money and a lot of potential aggravation.

PadlockDo You Really Need Furniture That Locks?

The first consideration is whether or not locks are really needed. Our office furniture planning pros always provide one piece of advice. It’s better to have locks and not need them than to need locks and not have them.

The need for additional security can go beyond protecting your own information. If your company collects personal or business information on clients it’s your duty to take every precaution to protect it, including lock installation.

Locks are also a good idea if your business utilizes consultants or contractors that work in-office. These professionals that aren’t a part of your core team could walk away with more than a paycheck if you aren’t careful. The same holds true if an outside janitorial company comes in after business hours to clean up or a construction company is renovating the space.

Another residual benefit of office furniture that locks is they make moving easier. If your office relocates you can simply lock the drawers to secure them during transport. It will also protect the documents and data inside the drawers from getting into the wrong hands.

Master Key: One Piece of Equipment for Opening All Your Locks

All it takes is one employee leaving or misplacing a key to create an issue that completely derails the workday. No matter what type of locking office furniture you buy, the cardinal rule is to always get a master key. The master key will work in any of the locks to safeguard against getting locked out. When you consider that a master key can be made for just $15 it’s clearly a sound investment.

Changing the Locks

There’s another side to locks beyond installing them. Changing them out is something else to consider before ordering office furniture in Austin. We always suggest that clients use core removable locks. This type of lock is quick and easy to remove if needed. They’re also cost effective since you only need to switch out the interchangeable core where the key cylinder is located.

If you’ve had a disgruntled employee leave or you’re worried someone has gained access to a drawer give Smart Buy Office Furniture a call. For just $20 we can come out to your location, remove the lock and set up a new one with keys.

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