Office furniture liquidation can have a different meaning depending on your situation, needs, and your ultimate goal. We provide solutions for just about all companies in any situation. From growth and renewing furniture to closing down, storage buyouts, and bankruptcy. No matter what situation you’re in, we are committed to being a helping hand in your office furniture liquidation process. Whether you are moving and consolidating furniture, moving offices, upgrading furniture, trading in for something else, or going out of business. We will do our best to provide a fair market value wholesale price while considering any labor costs, disposal/recycling costs, and other costs that may be incurred.

Qualifying for an office furniture liquidation purchase

One important thing to keep in mind is that not all furniture is easily resold, and there are several economic factors that are considered in any purchasing decision being made. Some of these factors include but aren’t limited to

  • Labor to disassemble and remove furniture
  • Long-term storage cost incurred during resale period
  • Refurbishing, repairing, and renewing worn furniture
  • After-hours labor costs
  • Truck and equipment costs
  • Furniture age, brand, and style
  • Quantity of furniture, more numerous pieces are easier to sell than odds-and-ends

Trading in your office furniture

We trade in office furniture! Yes, just like a car dealership! Generally speaking, you will earn more from your used furniture if you trade in towards a new purchase or for a standing in-store credit. This credit will be applied to your new furniture at the time of purchase.

Asset management and project management

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We have frequently moved, rearranged, and repurposed furniture for clients. More often than not, we have found that businesses need to have furniture moved, cubicles redesigned and rearranged, and the entire project managed from start to finish. We are happy to provide these services and gladly advocate clients exercising environmental responsibility and reusing their assets that they spent their hard-earned cash on. We provide paid design services, project management, and other office furniture liquidation services.

If you have any specific questions about office furniture liquidation or have a specific liquidation route you want to go, let us know in the contact form below!

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