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Smart Buy Office Furniture offers Austin the best prices on reputable, durable racetrack conference tables featuring contemporary rounded corners and ends promoting a more casual conference environment and allowing for more shoulder room for the guests around the conference table. Remember, use as a guide that one person fits in every one foot of conference table length. So, a 10 foot racetrack conference table will fit 10 people. Also, when planning, be sure to leave an extra 6-8′ of length for the ends of the table. So, if a 20′ long conference room exists and you want maximum space at the end of the table you’ll subtract 8 from the 20′ room length to arrive at the ideal conference table length of 12′ for a 20′ conference room. Please call us for assistance. Smart Buy provides free on-site evaluation to make sure the conference table will fit the intended conference room.

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