John Kreager

Smart Buy lives up to its name. I purchased a desk chair there from owner Tom Doane, an extremely personable fellow who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I found a chair that fit both me and my budget.

Tom spent a lot of time personally guiding me through the huge selection of chairs on display in his showroom. He recommended new chairs to try based on my preferences and comments regarding what I liked or dislike about the chairs I had already sat in. He never pushed me to buy something I wasn’t 100% satisfied with, and his genuine priority was to educate me about all of the potential models and materials, not just sell me any chair. I left Smart Buy with more knowledge about the differences between top-grain leather, split leather, and bonded leather than I even knew existed beforehand.

The selection at Smart Buy is also great. I had initially looked for a chair at the big chain stores (Office Depot, etc.), and they had only a few models on display per store and the prices seemed high. Smart Buy had ten times the number of chairs and the prices were reasonable.

It can be a little tough to find this place as it’s set back from the road–I zoomed right past it my first attempt. But even if you miss it once, go back around the block and try again. A little bit of extra effort to find Smart Buy is well worth it, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience.

I would highly recommend Smart Buy whether you’re looking for an inexpensive chair for school or a high-quality chair for use at home or the office.

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