Tom W.

This is an excellent place to shop for used, high-quality office furniture — very highly recommended.

I purchased two ergonomic desk chairs at Smart Buy on 11/16/2015, and had a very positive experience. Tom D. had a large variety of chairs for sale at different price levels, and the personalized service was top-notch. He was very welcoming, made a point of understanding both my needs and my budget, and then guided me to various chairs that might be good options. Tom really focuses on educating his customers; he knew all about the adjustment possibilities and also the construction of each model, and was very glad to share this knowledge with me. He could clearly explain the pros and cons of each option, but there was no high-pressure sales pitch, and I could take as much time as I wanted to try out anything in the store. I definitely felt like I learned a lot, and he was willing to negotiate a bit on the price so that I could get my top choices and still stay within my budget. I walked away with a very good deal on two very nice chairs that will serve me well for years.

Seriously, don’t buy new or used office furniture until you’ve visited this store!

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